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VES Cyclone Barn Fans
VES Cyclone Barn Fans

The Fresh air VES cyclone fan from VES is the most efficient and effective recirculating fan available to create ECV (effective cooling velocity). When running on high speed it creates a high speed wave of air that is directed across the floor and over the cows. Unlike traditional panel and basket fans where only a small percentage of air ever reaches the cows lying down. The VES Cyclone cooling wave of fresh air surrounds the cow reducing heat stress, drying the bedding and eliminating insects. The VES Cyclone has been proven to increase cow lying time because of the comfortable fresh air it provides. Introducing dryer bedding has shown substantial decreases in SCC and Mastitis.

VES Lineair Blast Fans
VES Lineair Blast Fans

VES BLAST Fan Series of fiberglass housing recirculating fans are the most powerful and efficient fan available in the market today. Our smooth bell shaped intake is designed for optimum performance and is balanced with an exhaust opening for maximum air velocity and distance coverage. This lightweight fan is easier to handle than heavy metal housing fans and designed for the harshest environments. Designed for performance and efficiency, our series again raises the bar for the competition to follow.

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